mummified since 1889.

"entschuldigung eren" - an au where everything is the same except tHAT RISTO
risto belongs to amazing ree and is my older sister’s bff!

wanna do some 4 eur/4 usd requests is anyone interested???

edit: for guidelines and restrictions, i’m ok with everything except maybe gore and landscapes or very nsfw-things!
you can tell me more about your commission at to make it easier!!

free!tee shirts bcause i almost finish the first season

sachaconnie with flowers everywhere for conjecture !!

my mom found this wonderful swimsuit which was my cousin’s when he was 14… i’m very proud of it…

striders in yukata for morita6894 !!


fuckmehard.png causeimthebae.png


der-gao: is your url for till lindemann? please say yes??


yeah. it was a joke between a friend and i that Till was a salmon because of his swimming abilities and the song laichzeit, so i added the extra n from his last name to salmon and there you go. Till-Linde-Salmonn 

i definitly love this answer thank you~!

sea, sugar and sun